Morman Row

Jackson Hole, WY

When you see pictures of Grand Teton National Park, it is inevitable that you will see a picture of the barn at Morman Row. The barn is just one of the many structures that make up this historic site, but for whatever reason, it has become a staple photograph for people passing through Jackson Hole.


During the summer, it is crowded with people lining up to take pictures, but in the winter with the road closed and snowpack deep, you have the place to yourself. Sophie and I ended up here on accident on this sunny February day. We had wanted to go ski along the road by Bradley and Tagarrett Lakes, but had forgotten our parks pass, and were amazed to find someone staffing the entrance to the park. So obviously instead of paying $10, we went somewhere free to ski.


P.S I like that you can't see the Tetons.

feb, 2020.